New Website & Rebranding

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We are currently having our website redeveloped which involves updating the appearance to make it modern and fresh while show casing our high quality products.

This ties in nicely with our rebranding which we are rolling out through all aspects of the business. This has been ongoing over the last 6 months and we hope to have this completed with the next 6 months.  So far our new delivery van boasts new bakery signage as do all of our product labels.

After the website changes, the next focus in the rebranding project is to look at updating the signs outside both our premises to reflect this new look.

The slogan has also changed during our rebranding process from “Keptie Bakery, Goodness & Value” to “Keptie Bakery, Craft Bakers & Confectioners”.

The new site will be live within a few weeks so let us know what you all think.